Impounds / Vehicle Releases

Impounds / Vehicle Releases:

Business Hours: Mon – Fri, 8am to 5PM – Excluding legal holidays.

If you wish to have a vehicle or personal items released outside of these hours there will be After Hours / Gate fees associated with doing so.

We only accept Cash for release of impounded vehicles. To many Bad Checks and Stop Payments forced us to make a decision. We either raise prices to cover losses or only accept guaranteed payment. We chose the latter.

Vehicle Contents and personal items may Only be released to the Registered Owner. This is the person who’s name the title is in. We are liable for the vehicle and its contents so unless you own the car, we can’t even discuss it with you. ** The ONLY Exceptions we make are Wallets or medications with your name clearly on them**

If you have no Insurance to cover an accident or the Towing / Storage costs associated with it you are still liable for all bills incurred. If you have a clear title for the vehicle and contact us Quickly, we can possibly avoid the expensive paperwork trail and enter into an agreement with you that will prevent the bills being turned over to the Credit bureau, and or the in ability to renew vehicle registrations.

Public Auctions:
All vehicles not claimed and paid in full will be subject to a Lien Sale. Any monies owed but not recovered by the sale are still owed and we will aggressively pursue collections via various means including but not limited to; reporting to creditors, collection agencies and Very annoying phone calls to you at work or any other place we find a number for, within the federal laws for collection practices.

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